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Our Approach

Our size allows us to be nimble in helping clients meet their goals. We provide comprehensive, senior-level attention on all matters. We have the flexibility and experience to address a wide range of challenges, with a constant focus on client success.
Government Relations

We provide representation for a broad range of interests, with deep relationships at the federal, state and local levels. Our approach has allowed clients to navigate political and regulatory challenges while achieving legislative and policy objectives. We work to shape public policy, advance legislation, defeat adverse proposals, monitor bill introductions, offer compelling public testimony, and secure appropriation and grant funding. We serve as an invaluable voice for our clients at all levels of government.  

Public Relations

We have executed a wide range of public relations and communications strategies on behalf of a diverse range of clients in various industries. We know how to tell our clients’ stories in a number of different forums. We believe in developing communications programs that are well coordinated and aligned with an organization and its mission. Our efforts have helped to grow sales, expand reach, inform key audiences, and educate the public.

Business Development

The nexus between government and business opportunity is one we understand quite well. Our team works regularly to provide access to new opportunities that intersect with government or regulatory bodies. We work with clients to respond to RFPs, secure funding, gain licensure, and develop new projects. Our extensive public and private network allows our clients to grow their business or expand into new markets. 

Media Relations

We provide regular media outreach services to clients, including development of media advisories, press events, story pitches, crisis communications, and expert commentary. We ensure that our clients are well positioned across different media platforms, and their mission and business goals are always at the forefront. As part of our media relations practice, our team regularly serves as a conduit or spokesperson with reporters and media outlets.


Public Affairs

We understand that public policy outcomes can have a significant impact on business objectives. We work closely with our clients to coordinate communications strategies so they are aligned with a public policy objective. We work to build coalitions and partners to augment government relations objectives. Our team has also developed effective strategies to enlist grassroots and community support as a means of advancing public policy.

Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory climate imposed by government can be daunting at all levels. We provide our clients with a firm understanding of how to navigate the requirements of government regulators, while ensuring a climate of compliant operations. 


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